Each year, ACQUEAU organized two workshops in order to foster collaboration among water sector stakeholders and stimulate new project ideas. 
After the success of ACQUEAU event in Helsinki, we are glad to announce that this year the second ACQUEAU workshop will be held in Paris (France) on 16th September 2015 hosted by Bpifrance. The workshop is co-organised with NRC Canada and it will offer a deep insight into real time system and water management. Monitoring system, mapping, data management and low energy communication tools will be the main topics addressed by the speakers.

SMEs, national funding agencies and large enterprises from Europe and Canada will be involved in the event.  In the afternoon a brokerage session for ACQUEAU Open Call will take place. Project leader will have the chance to present to the audience their ideas and meet up potential project partners.

Early registration is now open! To register to ACQUEAU Workshop, you could call us, send us an email or fill in an online form! There is no registration fee. 


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