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European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference 2015, Berlin

The second European Sustainable Phosphorus Conference (ESPC2) is taking place on 5th and 6th March 2015 in Berlin, Germany. This follows the 1st ESPC Conference, Brussels, March 2013, the establishment of the German P Platform, announcements & consultations on phosphorus policy in several Member States, and continuing developments on phosphorus use, recycling and environmental management. This upcoming European conference ESPC2 will cover the following themes:

  • EU policies on phosphorus management:
  • follow-up of the inclusion of phosphate rock on the EU Critical Raw Materials list and the European Commission Communication on Sustainable Phosphorus use in the environment: chances for reducing phosphorus losses & valorizing phosphorus materials from waste (water) in the agro and chemical industry.
  • Agricultural phosphorus efficiency and sustainable intensification
  • P from farm to fork: Phosphorus sustainability and innovation in the agricultural market and the food industry
  • Phosphorus, global food security, geopolitical dependencies, planetary boundaries
  • Regions implementing sustainable phosphorus management
  • The need for societal change, and how to achieve it

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