ACQUEAU´S Paris Workshop

The second ACQUEAU workshop of 2015 took place in Paris on 16th September 2015 and was hosted by Bpifrance. The event was co-organized with National Research Council Canada (NRC Canada). The workshop will offer a deep insight into real time system and water management, monitoring system, seonsors, mapping, data management, low energy communication tools will be the main topics addressed by the speakers. 

SMEs, national funding agencies and large enterprises from Europe and Canada all got together to participate on the event.  In the afternoon a brokerage session for ACQUEAU Open Call took place, and over 10 companies presented their profiles and projects to each other to promote participation and innovation, meeting up potential project partners. Already some projects are starting to grow from this event.

You can download the event of the day here and find the presentations of the companies on ACQUEAU's slideshare