ACQUEAU's new Chairman

After creating and leading the cluster for over 6 year, Xavier CHAZELLE is stepping down of the position of Chairman  of ACQUEAU. The Board has already called upon his succesor, designating Daniel VILLESOT as the new head of the Cluster.

During Xavier Chazelle's time as ACQUEAU's Chairman, the Cluster has grown and developed to what it is today, achieving a great deal of success, with over 18 water innovation projects labelled totalling over 40 million euros in budget. The industry has greatly benefited and will continue to do so from the Cluster's work.

ACQUEAU's new Chairman, Daniel VILLESOT, is a senior professional in the water sector. He developed his professional career at Lyonnaise des Eaux as Scientific Director for years; He retired 18 months ago and is currently working as a consultant for local authorities, as well as large and small companies, in the field of Water and Environment.

Daniel has also held the positions of President of EUREAU, the European federation of national associations of drinking water suppliers and waste water services.  
Additionally, he has also chaired  DREAM Eau & Milieux, the competitive Cluster for water in France.

Daniel joined ACQUEAU's Scientific Committee two years ago, where he has been supporting the cluster sharing his expertise during this time.