Thanks for joining us @IWA Congress in Lisbon!

ACQUEAU Workshop at IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2014 in Lisbon this week has been successful! The Congress has been a great opportunity for networking and making people aware of ACQUEAU labelled projects and value. Several participants have shown their interest for ACQUEAU and we hope to maintain in contact with them for future collaboration.

During our workshop, our Scientific adviser, Mike Farrimond, has illustrated the water cycle and the purpose of the cluster. He has given the word to Miguel Carrinho, member of our Board and CFO of Águas do Ribatejo, who has presented water challenges. Then, Brian Mergelas,WaterTap CEO, has illustrated the difference within the European and Canadian water markets and common challenges.

Two ACQUEAU labelled projects have been presented by the project leaders:

  • Silvie Baig (Suez Environnement) for TRIUMPH: Treating Urban Micropollutants and Pharmaceuticals in Wastewaters;
  • Cyrille Lemoine (Véolia Environnement) for SWARM: Smart WAter Ressource active Management.

Mike Farrimond has also presented DUTS labelled projects.

Overall, the initiative had a positive feedback. Enhancing the cooperation and the mutual understanding with our Canadian partners has been one of the major outcomes. In this spirit, ACQUEAU delegation had the honor to be invited for a cocktail hosted by His Excellency Ambassador Marder, the Canadian Ambassador to the Portuguese Republic.

Canada has recently become one of ACQUEAU participating countries and we look forward to have Canadian organizations involved in our projects!



You can find below the workshop presentations

Financing Innovation in Water Sector – Mike Farrimond

ACQUEAU & Water market and challenges – Miguel Carrinho

SWARM (part 1 and  part 2)- Cyrille Lemoine

SWARM sheet

DUTS  – Mike Farrimond

TRIUMPH – Sylvie Baig

Canadian Perspectives - Brian Mergelas