Updating ACQUEAU Blue Book

The Blue Book is the vision and the road map of our cluster. It sets our priorities, technological areas and the good path to follow when it comes to innovation in water sector.

The first phase of Acqueau activity has been based on five major programmes, which have set the context of the first Open Calls:

  1. Membranes technologies 
  2. Real Time system management 
  3. Low energy waste water treatment 
  4. Materials for pipes and coating 
  5. Low energy processes for disinfection & oxidation

Since innovation and technology progress move fast, priorities and programmes have to be fluid and flexible and new areas always need to be discovered. For this reason, after four years, we intend to update our Blue Book and its programmes.

Acqueau is more than a cluster, it is a community where we share experience and know-how; therefore we would like to ask your advice and support for this task.

If you have any suggestion about new areas where Acqueau could be involved or new priorities, do not hesitate to bring your contribution to Mike Farrimond, our scientific advisor in charge of it.