ACQUEAU and the Innovation Week

ACQUEAU will be taking part on the EUREKA Innovation Week 2016 (26-29 April) event, organised and hosted by the Swedish EUREKA Chairmanship at the Stockholm City Conference Centre.

The EUREKA Innovation Week 2016 in Stockholm combines the strategically important areas of the EUREKA Network including international collaboration (26 April) with a specific focus on Smart Cities with B2B meetings, a panel discussion, high-level keynote speakers, the EUREKA Innovation Award, thematic parallel sessions and an exhibition (27-28 April).

The event is a perfect opportunity to network and to meet future project partners via the business to business meetings. EUREKA is a flexible tool for research and innovation collaborations with more than 40 countries, providing access to key competencies and new markets around the world.

As a result of the latest developments of the cluster ACQUEAU will focus its energies on this event instead of organizing a Workshop for the first semester of the year. So make sure you don't miss it!

The registration deadline is 24 March (subject to availability)

We look forward sharing this event with you!

Spring PO submission end-of-date: MARCH 1st

ACQUEAU is gearing up for its first call of 2016, the Spring open call for water innovation projects. We are eager to make your project happen by lending our expertise and support to your project!

Project Outline deadline: 1st of March 2016
Full Project Proposal deadline: 15th of April 2016
Label assessment: early-June 2016


ACQUEAU supports water stakeholders in building up their project consortium. Currently, some organizations are looking for an international partner in order to apply to Acqueau Open Call. Here you could find a list of organizations offering project idea and expertise


The scope of the open call is stated in ACQUEAU Blue Book. Here the 9 technological areas:

  1. Water resources
  2. Water treatment
  3. Water distribution
  4. Customer requirements
  5. Water and agriculture
  6. Water and Industry
  7. Urban drainage and wastewater collection
  8. Wastewater treatment
  9. Biosolids;

Proposals must involve at least two partners from two different participating countries and have a strong market and exploitation orientation.

ACQUEAU's new Chairman

After creating and leading the cluster for over 6 year, Xavier CHAZELLE is stepping down of the position of Chairman  of ACQUEAU. The Board has already called upon his succesor, designating Daniel VILLESOT as the new head of the Cluster.

During Xavier Chazelle's time as ACQUEAU's Chairman, the Cluster has grown and developed to what it is today, achieving a great deal of success, with over 18 water innovation projects labelled totalling over 40 million euros in budget. The industry has greatly benefited and will continue to do so from the Cluster's work.

ACQUEAU's new Chairman, Daniel VILLESOT, is a senior professional in the water sector. He developed his professional career at Lyonnaise des Eaux as Scientific Director for years; He retired 18 months ago and is currently working as a consultant for local authorities, as well as large and small companies, in the field of Water and Environment.

Daniel has also held the positions of President of EUREAU, the European federation of national associations of drinking water suppliers and waste water services.  
Additionally, he has also chaired  DREAM Eau & Milieux, the competitive Cluster for water in France.

Daniel joined ACQUEAU's Scientific Committee two years ago, where he has been supporting the cluster sharing his expertise during this time.

ACQUEAU´S Paris Workshop

The second ACQUEAU workshop of 2015 took place in Paris on 16th September 2015 and was hosted by Bpifrance. The event was co-organized with National Research Council Canada (NRC Canada). The workshop will offer a deep insight into real time system and water management, monitoring system, seonsors, mapping, data management, low energy communication tools will be the main topics addressed by the speakers. 

SMEs, national funding agencies and large enterprises from Europe and Canada all got together to participate on the event.  In the afternoon a brokerage session for ACQUEAU Open Call took place, and over 10 companies presented their profiles and projects to each other to promote participation and innovation, meeting up potential project partners. Already some projects are starting to grow from this event.

You can download the event of the day here and find the presentations of the companies on ACQUEAU's slideshare

Water Innovation Europe: SME Awards 2015

WssTP launched the second edition of Water Innovation SME Awards!  In line with its efforts to boost economic opportunities for the European water sector and especially the small and medium enterprises, WssTP renews its commitment to the SMEs and invites them to submit their innovative breakthrough solutions or technologies for the 2nd Water Innovation SME Awards.
The evaluation of innovative solutions will be carried out by the WssTP Technology Advisory Board. All submissions will be evaluated on the basis of their innovation, market potential and exploitation strategy. The winning applications will be the ones characterized as best practices with high market potential in their field of application.
The Awards ceremony will be held during the dinner of the Water Innovation Europe 2015 conference on 25th of June at the Diamant Centre in Brussels.

Which SMEs are allowed to participate?
Any Independent private company with legal address in Europe, < 250 employees and < € 50 million turnover.

 Entries will stay open until 22nd May 2015!